Cannanano Sprayer Ultra-Fine Misting with Dual Pump Technology (300mL)


Fine misting made for your garden.

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Cannanano™ Sprayer takes all the ingredients you create and mix for your garden and fragmentizes the mixture into ultra-fine of particles allow you to evenly cover your garden from the top to bottom. The ultra-fine mist and even 360° coverage spray allows you to also reach the underside of plants . The Cannanano Sprayer works to leave no space untouched  or uncovered.  CannaNano eliminates your need to use any other off-brand or inferior home sprayer.

With the Cannanano Sprayer –  a 3 second touch will change your gardens life forever. The Cannanano Sprayer comes with a Green Omnidirectional LED light designed for night time feeding and spraying. Our  dual pump technology allows for the finest misting, with a  60 minute run time. After you’ve finished for the day, plug in your sprayer and recharge the battery in a 4 hr charge time. Best of all, Cannanano sprayer comes with a 300ML bottle to allow for spraying in multiple rooms.

Cannanano Sprayer will help your garden and business in many ways.

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 10 in


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